Prenatal & Parenting Classes

Private & Group Classes that are interactive, informative, and fun!


Curious about what to expect during labour and birth?

Wondering about feeding choices, baby care, and preparing for your newborn?

Our prenatal classes are designed to give you key information that you will remember. We know your life is full and your schedule is busy, so we’ve intentionally made our classes concise and applicable.

Want more detailed info and more time to go over the topics that matter most to you? Book a custom private prenatal class at your leisure that is tailor made for the topics you are most curious about.



Birth Preparation

Learn about the process of Labour and Birth, Pain Relief Options, Comfort Measures and Positions, and Communication Tips.

This class will start you on your way to deciding your preferences for your birth.




Newborn Care

This class walks you through the first weeks of your baby's life. You'll learn the basics of newborn care and your baby's cues.

Get a jump start on feeding, bathing, diapering, soothing, and sleeping techniques.




Grandparents Class

A lot has changed over the last decades and this class helps grandparents catch up with the choices modern families are making in pregnancy, birth, feeding, and in caring for their babies.

The class has some myth busting and introduces current feeding and safety recommendations. We'll also dialogue about how to bring your knowledge and experience as a grandparent to support your children and grandchildren.




Other Topics

Join us through the year for special events and guest speakers on topics such as postpartum depression, sibling transitions, pets and babies, pregnancy & infant loss, care for dads, and more!

Have a topic you'd love to see? Let us know!